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Shopping around for moving quotes?  Trying to find that reputable company you can trust?  Whether your moving across the world or across the , Modern Moving & Storage is the company you’re looking for – Your MS Gulf Coast Movers.

How so?  Besides having over 50 years experience and a proven track record of successful relocations, we hear it from our satisfied families.  And the best compliment we receive is our customers calling us again for their next move.  There is no better assurance of their satisfaction and our repeat business is unmatched in the industry.  With thousands of happy families relocated, we know we are doing something right.

So how do we do it?  We know what’s important to you and that’s where our efforts are focused.  We know what your really looking for is not just a mover, but a moving expert.  Modern Moving & Storage excels in the following:

  • Peace of Mind.  We are moving experts.  Our staff is trained to know exactly how to pack, load and move your family.  Everyone involved in your move takes every possible precaution to protect your property – we treat it like it’s ours – and we can be trusted.
  • The Best People.  At Modern Moving and Storage, we don’t hire movers – we hire career professionals.  People who understand that the success of the company depends on the success of every move we make are the type of people you can look forward to working on your behalf.
  • A Plan.  When you know what’s going to happen you feel more secure.  Modern Moving & Storage creates a moving plan providing you with schedules and deadlines so you’ll never be kept in the dark or waiting for property.  We even offer you the ability to track your property in real time.
  • The Best Equipment and Facilities.  There is a lot riding on our trucks.  And because of that, we faithfully maintain our fleet to ensure dependability.  Our storage facilities are the type of place you would want to stay if you were a piece of furniture.

Let’s talk pricing.  We understand that every move is different.  Mayflower has developed a variety of cost-effective and value-added moving packages for you to chose from.  Each provides an extra level of service that can simplify your move – and a level of savings that can’t be beat.  With our ability to customize, you can be assured that you are getting a price that is specifically tailored to your needs and your not paying for additional services you don’t need or won’t use.

So a little about us.  Modern Moving and Storage is a Mayflower agent.  And as such, you get the best of both worlds.  A small local mover offering the customer service of a Main Street Mom & Pop store with the resources of a global network.  We take pride in our work – just like your grandpa did – and we dedicate ourselves to the attention to detail.  We have been located in Gulfport, MS for over 50 years and we have a reputation to keep.  We have no choice but to go the extra mile and ensure your move is a success – anything less and we get talked about.  But our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau assures us and you that we’re doing a good job of keeping a clean reputation.

Relocating your family is a significant life change.  Moving can be stressful, emotional and at times, downright aggravating.  At Modern Moving & Storage we know moving doesn’t have to be complicated.  We have made it our mission to make it as easy on you as possible.  If you truly want a stress-free move, turn to a local professional mover with a lot on the line; a full-service moving company that has the capacity to manage your move from start to finish.  All while doing it with a level of service long forgotten in business today.

But don’t take our word for it.  Take a look at our Better Business Bureau rating here.  Or have a look at what they’re saying on Angie’s List here.  Still not convinced? Have a look here at what some of our customers are saying.

Don’t Hesitate.  Call us or today to speak with one of our friendly agents for a quote.

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